The trip home

Only one word would describe it. CHAOTIC!! We woke up and finished packing and got into a car for around two hours to the airport at Heraklion. When we got out I got car sick and spewed. We then had a 50 minute plane ride to Athens, where we stayed for around 4 hours. We … Continue reading The trip home



Sorry everyone I am a bit behind on my blog we had a pretty busy few days. The party for Greg was brilliant. The restaurant was just down the road so we got dressed and headed down. There was all our cousins there plus two of Valeria's kids (Valeria owns Villa Georgia and I met … Continue reading THE PARTY!


Crete is an island in Greece were we are staying in some units called Villa Georgia. To get to Crete we travelled on a plane from Paris to Heraklion which is in Crete. The flight was three hours and a little bumpy. When we arrived it was late and we got a man to take … Continue reading Crete


Paris-day 4

Today was our final full day in Paris,and it was fabulous. In the morning we got up and listened to the last half of the 2016 AFL Grand Final, where the Bulldogs won (YAY!).  Today instead of seeing street sellers or weddings we saw people with cups and a ball trying to scam people. They … Continue reading Paris-day 4


Catch-up for Friday 23rd of September 

This catch up is for the same day we went to West Sussex, I just forgot to type it up. In the morning we went to Saint Paul's Cathedral in London. We learnt some really interesting facts, like how Saint Paul's has been rebuilt 5 times. The fourth was destroyed during the Great Fire of … Continue reading Catch-up for Friday 23rd of September¬†


Paris-day 3

Today we did and tasted some pretty awesome stuff. This morning we yet again got on the hop on hop off tour bus. Today instead of seeing fleeing street sellers we saw millions of weddings or wedding photos being done.Today I was very lucky and I got to see a statue of the Saint I … Continue reading Paris-day 3


Paris-day 2

Today is the 14th day of our fabulous adventure.  Today I was lucky and got to sleep in (yay!). In the morning we got to go on a hop on hop off tour bus were we saw an illegal street-seller see the police and flee with his single wrap up rug then come back with … Continue reading Paris-day 2